September 11, 2010

The week that is - 09/05/2010 -09/11/2010

On this day I am thinking about the horrible acts of violence that occur every day. Ones whose date isn't marked, but still the violence takes many victims. I saw this article where a bombing strikes again in Pakistan when half its population is under water last week and then again this week. We can see that vengeance and evil purpose out weighs any compassion. Civil Wars continue and in the Democratic Republic of the Congo rape is a weapon of choice. There is a report from the UN that there were approximately 500 women raped during July and August, I am fairly certain that this continues now. Almost daily in neighborhoods across the US there is a shooting or murder, for some citizens it is like living in a war zone. As my mind drifts I begin to think of the victims of the attack on September 11, 2001; I wonder just how many had immigrated to leave such violence and how many lived in violent neighborhoods here. I also wonder how many of the victims families still struggle in stressful conditions.

Every year we mark this date, while the atrocities continue around us.  Perhaps each day we should mourn for victims of violence. Think of the consequences to humanity and ponder preventive solutions.

September 06, 2010

Whose dead are more precious?

In some sense I am always asking that question. When I see the effort to find the murderers of law enforcement officers as compared to an average citizen; the attention given some victims and not others of horrible acts and the offense of Islam given over the consideration of  military lives.

When many are screaming about the insensitivity of an Islamic cultural center two city blocks from "ground zero," why do they not understand why the military doesn't want this church burning the Quran?

September 04, 2010

Friends with benefits

When you see this in a personal listing, what does it mean? Does it mean someone with whom you can  talk to,  have a few drinks with, share flea market shopping or go to some events and with that you get sex with no commitment? The last part is a certainty, but the first part of that last sentence is what I'd like to change. I might not need someone to talk over a drink or coffee and I could do a lot interesting stuff on my own; but at a certain age, a woman may not be as physically able to fix things around the house as she once was.

This what I'd like to see.

Man with TOOLS seeking woman to be FWB.