November 19, 2010

This is not exactly civil disobedience

I do think the scanning and pat down policy by the TSA that is required to fly violates my privacy, but I have to fly rather than use longer transportation because it is easier to deal with any health problems that may arise while traveling. I will opt out of the scanning and take the pat down. I am not sure it will be anymore invasive than being at the oby-gyn. For those who would prefer to be scanned, you can't find out what type scanner that will be used from the airport nor the TSA web sites. I wonder would they even know at the airport.

I was thinking if enough people would opt out for the pat down, it just might slow down the security flow, airline departure and commerce. This might get the TSA to rethink it security policies: money talks better. I see nothing that is going on now, that will change their minds, although they have rethought their policies regarding pilots. That fact that you can be fined for basically deciding you don't want to fly and opt out of both the scan and pat down is ridiculous. It says you disrupt security and cause gaps, what BS. This whole policy's validity is like "Because, we say so."

Lets clog the system.

November 11, 2010

Do You Say Happy Veterans Day

Or, we appreciate your service. Or, put our money, time and effort where our mouths are and truly support the needs of our troops and veterans.

November 02, 2010


November 01, 2010

Real Congress of DC TV

A reality show that I would watch faithfully, would consist of randomly picked people from congress having to earn the salary of their state's minimum wage and ask to live in their district, providing for their family if they have one. They would first have to find a job that pays minimum wage, and manage to keep it for three months. They would have to find housing, pay rent, buy groceries, pay utilities and transportation. If they can't afford it, their spouse has to find a minimum wage job. I'll think they will find they are not working with teenagers, that the management doesn't care if they are educated or how hard working they are and that they may be fired for insubordination if they offer a valid suggestion. They may have to work offset shifts in order to have one parent in the house with the children, since day care will probably be out of reach. Of course they must change the way they look, no styled hair, no makeup, no contact lenses, silk ties, scarves, expensive watches or earrings. Whatever it takes to make them look average, can't have them be discovered. I'm not sure as part of the series they should be able apply for some government assistance or be able to use food banks. If it would come to where they would need the extra support to prevent starvation, they would leave the show. Am I being too harsh or would the show be to short lived?

I wonder how successful they would be. Would they know where to look for a job, where or how to shop cheaply, how to prepare nutritious meals or how to keep their energy cost down. Would they know how to do the things they complain that poor people don't know how to do. It would be interesting to see just what their complaints would be. Would they say that what is happening to them is an anomaly or that there many people in the same boat they are. If they have never had any empathy with those who were less fortunate, will this change their attitude? If they did have empathy previously, will they better understand what governments role in providing services should be.

Come to think of it, I think this show should include the policy makers from the think tanks,too. My favorite candidate for the show would be Newt Gingrich going back to Carrollton, GA. I think that this would be very entertaining.