November 19, 2010

This is not exactly civil disobedience

I do think the scanning and pat down policy by the TSA that is required to fly violates my privacy, but I have to fly rather than use longer transportation because it is easier to deal with any health problems that may arise while traveling. I will opt out of the scanning and take the pat down. I am not sure it will be anymore invasive than being at the oby-gyn. For those who would prefer to be scanned, you can't find out what type scanner that will be used from the airport nor the TSA web sites. I wonder would they even know at the airport.

I was thinking if enough people would opt out for the pat down, it just might slow down the security flow, airline departure and commerce. This might get the TSA to rethink it security policies: money talks better. I see nothing that is going on now, that will change their minds, although they have rethought their policies regarding pilots. That fact that you can be fined for basically deciding you don't want to fly and opt out of both the scan and pat down is ridiculous. It says you disrupt security and cause gaps, what BS. This whole policy's validity is like "Because, we say so."

Lets clog the system.


AfricanAmericanPundit said...

I agree with you on this one Hathor!

AfricanAmericanPundit said...

It's a damn shame that the US Government would want to fine anyone for deciding that they don't want to fly and opt out of both the scan and pat down. The TSA has lost their collective minds.

Hathor said...


I think since 9/11 that the public has lost their collective minds. Therefore public officials, congress and the President have been given cart blanche to do whatever they wanted in the name of security.

I am also surprised at those who think if you opt out for a pat down that will distract from other security. Supposedly there is division of labor in the security. Since these procedures are random there is a high probability they could miss a terrorist if there was one, so I don't get why quite of few people believe they are safer.

At the airport I fly out of has just caught airline employees stealing stuff during searches of luggage. They didn't get caught on the first offense, so my concern if they could get the contraband out, just what could they bring in. Apparently background checks don't stop peoples propensity to commit crime. I would say the same for terrorism.

I think the fear of flying has now been replaced with the fear of terrorism, if they think terrorism is being abated, then the fear of flying is also. Its our primate fear of falling.
This is probably far fetched, but if these security procedures are necessary for flying why isn't it, for taking the train or the bus?