October 23, 2008

Are there not enough issues?

I have recently encountered a new blogger strategy for McCain Campaign. Using anecdotes, rumor, and a little factual information to say Obama supporters are naturally thugs or that thugs have Obama's support. What gets me, is the anger behind this, while the bloggers are trying to pretend to be disinterested and intellectually honest.

October 21, 2008

The Event - The Vote

Last Saturday my sister sent picture's of her, her mom and daughter voting early; she entitled the pictures 3 generations for Barack Obama. In some of the pictures they are smiling and standing proudly all dressed up. I really didn't think anything of them voting on a Saturday, dressed up, until I saw African American Political Pundit's post about a 106 year black woman voting in Atlanta, she was dressed up too. I do not know if many people dress up to vote, but I do feel the vote is worthy. It isn't even necessary to single out this election, it is always a historical event. Me? I'll trudge in before I go to work, probably looking like a ragamuffin, since the work I do, its best not to wear something that could get ruined; but then, what is important is that I have voted and it counts.

October 18, 2008

I need a hugh platform

Yesterday I head this woman interviewed about whom she would vote for. One of her reasons as to why she would vote McCain/Palin, she said she could not vote for someone who was named Obama; that his mother was an atheist, his father a Muslim and his Christianity was not in the Bible. I felt like she wrapped up all the stereotypes in that one name.

This made me want to shout from the world stage, that if the African slave had kept their real names, Barack Hussein Obama would be as common as Andrew Jackson. Also that many versions of Christianity had justified slavery and Jim Crow and had created schools in Virginia to subvert desegregation.

The story where I saw the interview was broadcast last night on PBS' NOW called Virginia's Vote, the lady's comment comes near the end of the segment.

October 11, 2008

Deja Vu

When you live long enough, you get to see history repeat itself. In my childhood, the fear was Communism and if the Russians would use the Bomb. A national paranoia was stirred up by Joseph McCarthy and his hearings that tried to weed out Communist in every faze of life, even though is was legal to belong to the Communist Party. In the south with an emerging civil rights movement, the white southerner in order to discredit civil rights leaders, tagged them communist. It must be a communist conspiracy and instigators who came south to stir up their Negroes. This could then be presented to the nation as acceptable rhetoric as why it was justified to vilify civil rights and shroud their racist attitudes. The strength of the civil rights movement did push the white southerner to show his real intentions.

Fifty years later, terrorism has replaced communism. There are no McCarthy hearings now, but bloggers and the McCain's presidential campaign are stirring up the paranoia. The intellectual rhetoric of the bloggers is falling apart on the ground, where the McCain's campaign is creating suspicion, mistrust and inciting violent outburst. A terrorist is the Democratic nominee.


So easy to lead the silent bigots into revealing themselves, just as the segregationist move from "communist instigator" to "uppity nigger," saying "he's an Arab" probably implies the same.