October 21, 2008

The Event - The Vote

Last Saturday my sister sent picture's of her, her mom and daughter voting early; she entitled the pictures 3 generations for Barack Obama. In some of the pictures they are smiling and standing proudly all dressed up. I really didn't think anything of them voting on a Saturday, dressed up, until I saw African American Political Pundit's post about a 106 year black woman voting in Atlanta, she was dressed up too. I do not know if many people dress up to vote, but I do feel the vote is worthy. It isn't even necessary to single out this election, it is always a historical event. Me? I'll trudge in before I go to work, probably looking like a ragamuffin, since the work I do, its best not to wear something that could get ruined; but then, what is important is that I have voted and it counts.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing about this 106 year old voting in Atlanta. Looked it up on the web and viewed the video and photos at CNN. I appreciated you mentioning this because my Mom lived to be 101 and last voted in 2004.

from Hawaii

p.s. learned of your site by reading Field Negro site recently

Hathor said...

Thanks for visiting. Hope there are other post you like.