September 13, 2008

Is there nothing new under the sun?

Twice this week I have been told that since the events on 9/11, partisan politics has been stronger than ever. Divided to the point where we have become two countries; Us and Them. This morning I saw an educational project on TV which gets students involved in solving problems. Some novel ideas were presented to some old problems, which made me think that in the future, there has to be a new approach to government and problem solving in order to maintain the integrity of this country. I had once thought that the constitution was a document that would forever be the idea. The parties quarreling does not reflect that we are now in the 21th century with problems no eighteenth century person could have imagined. We as a society do not even define the role of government in maintaining a civil society. We are stuck, in trying to define ourselves by the past. I would hope that our youth find a different approach to government and be wary of ideology guiding their creativity. Our technology is new under the sun, that is in human history, so why not our philosophy and politics.

September 11, 2008

The Unanswered Question

Charles Ives

This Year

Seven years have passed, grief and anger have subsided in the nether regions of the mind, but this date always reminds me that no one has yet to pay for committing this crime. Over five thousand dead, the victims, our casualties and untold tens of thousands civilians dead; in our government's pursuit of its agenda. I do not say War on Terrorism, because the Al Queda we were told that were responsible; still alludes us. The second in command in Iraq and the chauffeur is all we had? It seems that Osama Bin Laden will die a natural death, because our war has become a War on Civilization, not a war to bring Justice for all the dead.

September 06, 2008

Dynasty Update

BBC News headline: Bhutto's widow wins presidency

An update to my post Dynasties.

September 05, 2008

Dagny Taggart she ain't

Sarah Palin is being adored because to some she is the embodiment of their fantasy woman, Dagny Taggart, the brash individualistic heroine of Atlas Shrugged. This seems especially evident since the Republicans didn't have a counterpart to Barack Obama.

I have gotten old enough, where the allusions I make are not understood, but I did have to say this.

September 01, 2008


In situations at work, when a decision needs to be made, and senior management will not step up to the task; I am often heard saying

"How do they manage their personal lives, if they can't make a decision?"
Sometime in family situations, decisions have to be made that affect lives profoundly. There is no one else to do it. It may not be a right decision, but most of us will make the best decision with the choices we have.

My initial issue with Sarah Palin was wondering if her governance would lead to more imposition of religion on the state, since she wold have a high probability of becoming president if the McCain-Palin ticket won.

After reading articles about Palin and blog about the rumors about her pregnancy, her judgment after her water broke, this late breaking disclosure of her daughters pregnancy, I am now clearly questioning the maturity of her experience. I am not blaming her for her daughters pregnancy, but you would think she would have told this to John McCain. It has been 4 days that the rumors have been floating, so why had it taken so long to explain her daughters pregnancy.

H/T Plezworld & News