September 01, 2008


In situations at work, when a decision needs to be made, and senior management will not step up to the task; I am often heard saying

"How do they manage their personal lives, if they can't make a decision?"
Sometime in family situations, decisions have to be made that affect lives profoundly. There is no one else to do it. It may not be a right decision, but most of us will make the best decision with the choices we have.

My initial issue with Sarah Palin was wondering if her governance would lead to more imposition of religion on the state, since she wold have a high probability of becoming president if the McCain-Palin ticket won.

After reading articles about Palin and blog about the rumors about her pregnancy, her judgment after her water broke, this late breaking disclosure of her daughters pregnancy, I am now clearly questioning the maturity of her experience. I am not blaming her for her daughters pregnancy, but you would think she would have told this to John McCain. It has been 4 days that the rumors have been floating, so why had it taken so long to explain her daughters pregnancy.

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