September 13, 2008

Is there nothing new under the sun?

Twice this week I have been told that since the events on 9/11, partisan politics has been stronger than ever. Divided to the point where we have become two countries; Us and Them. This morning I saw an educational project on TV which gets students involved in solving problems. Some novel ideas were presented to some old problems, which made me think that in the future, there has to be a new approach to government and problem solving in order to maintain the integrity of this country. I had once thought that the constitution was a document that would forever be the idea. The parties quarreling does not reflect that we are now in the 21th century with problems no eighteenth century person could have imagined. We as a society do not even define the role of government in maintaining a civil society. We are stuck, in trying to define ourselves by the past. I would hope that our youth find a different approach to government and be wary of ideology guiding their creativity. Our technology is new under the sun, that is in human history, so why not our philosophy and politics.

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