November 21, 2006

What is required?

I am troubled when people make a conscious choice not to vote. If you have read a previous post of mine, you will see why I think it’s important to vote, no matter the candidates. It also bothers me when people do not want to serve on a jury when it would pose no hardship. After forty years, I am beginning to change my mind about the draft. It seems so few of us want to do anything and we go to great lengths to give a philosophical rationalization.

Isn’t something required of us to maintain our freedom? It wasn’t a gift to begin with. We are not special people in which our system of government was bestowed by some higher power. There was effort, actually more than effort. Lives were put at risk and lost, so that we could decide how to govern ourselves.

Couldn’t we make an effort to find a candidate, get that person on the ballot and vote for him? Can’t we serve on a jury, so that a person might have a jury of his peers? Shouldn’t we give some service to our country?

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