December 02, 2007

Mirror, mirror... who's the rightess

What do we demand of other people in their political beliefs, if we have identified with a particular one ourselves and never waiver? Do we demand coherence, purity, or for it to be identical to our own? If we demand this, why? I have been personally engaged in an argument, that has gotten too the point of figuratively punching low blows, because my opinion is different from the other person's interpretation of an event. Because of this, my beliefs are being lumped into one category and accusations are being made that are not true. It seems that I have to fit neatly into this box, to keep their vision of the world intact. I may be wrong, but is how it appears to me. It is disturbing to me, because I though that person knew me better. I can't say that I am fighting fair, either.

I came across an article by McQ, MURTHA: THE SURGE IS WORKING at QandO, sort of in the same vein. It had surprised the author, that Rep. Murtha had change his opinion about the surge in Iraq and said that "I think the 'surge' is working;" this after his visit to Iraq. McQ made this statement.

Although very late, welcome to the club, Congressman. Is that hell I see freezing over?
One should not think that a person is not capable of changing their mind, especially when they see an event firsthand. Hell doesn't have to freeze over. A few in the comments section want even more purity of this change of view, to other things they think he has to atone for. Is that necessary for them to believe him now?

I think for most of us, we are not pigeon holed in any fixed political policy. We may be right or left or something else, but sometime there are ideas or positions that don't have any labels or are common sense that all may agree. I never thought that it made anyone less of a person if their ideas weren't absolutely consistent. I don't always believe the person to be an enemy, even if I think their ideas could be destructive. It is the persons actions that I look at. I see too many Americans look at each other and consider them the enemy or traitors, strictly because the other does not believe as they do. I am not speaking of extreme beliefs; these persons have not been involved in an effort to overthrow the government, commit terrorist acts, or harm anyone. I don't know what to think, when I hear those who talk of liberty, hint that the opposition is not loyal to America.

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