April 06, 2008

Hathor's Evolutionary Theory 157

I have recently learned, that I have Diabetes. Yes, one more thing to deal with. I have been given oral medication, told to loose weight and to watch what I eat. The diet recommends that I eat whole grain breads, cereals and pasta.

Well, I bought a multi-grain loaf of bread. Since I had lost my partial, I don't have enough molars to properly eat the multi-grain bread. I'm thinking why is all this hard crap in the bread. Isn't one of the first things early man invented, was stone grinding? Humans do not have teeth like Moose or even a Gorilla's. I think those that think the bread I had was more natural, don't realize that one of things that differentiate man from other animals is that we have the ability to adapt. We have strove to make life better and livable and to extend our diet in order to survive. We ground our cereals and cooked and smoked meat. We did this many thousands of years ago, so why are we trying to live like man before he discovered fire?


Malik said...

lol. I think my wife had the same reaction when I brought home a loaf of multi-grain bread with whole oats and nuts. Some breads have that stuff for texture. Some people get into it, some don't. There are plenty of whole grain breads without the extras.

A. said...

Sorry to hear you have diabetes, as you say, another thing to deal with.

Sympathy over the bread too :) It sounds like what we call granary, with actual whole wheat grains. It's banned from our house.

I have a similar theory of evolution, from the point of view of childbirth. I maintain that once upon a day when women died regularly in childbirth, it weeded out those with narrow hips etc. Nowadays that doesn't happen, and all sorts of shapes and sizes, who should not have been able to have a baby, are being made feel they should have natural childbirth or they have somehow failed. I know my childbearing days are long gone but it makes my blood boil when I hear the superior attitudes some have about childbirth in this country.

Rant over, sorry :)

Hathor said...

Why would you think of oats and nuts? Nuts are a legume. :)

I don't extol the virtues of natural childbirth, but I don't think pain, convenience or the possible distortion of the vulva, a reason for a C-section.

I do think you should be able to instill guilt in your child over childbirth labor:)

jeanie oliver said...

Sorry to read about the diabetes-I agree about the bread-you should be able to have something sacred left in the hunt for good health. Sacred being smooth and grit free!

Hathor said...

jeanie oliver,

I think Generation X thinks it can only be healthy with the twigs and grit. They are the demographic that the market wants.

randell said...

don't you realize african people have other ways of eating which is a milk and meat diet, this is why you have diabetes,your body is is runnig on sugar!! with that crap euro-bread mush diet.check for yourself and compare the people who live on plants and those who eat milk and meat. i was sick, fat, old, until i changed my diet!

Hathor said...

I am probably not descended from any of those groups in Africa. I can only tolerate milk well when its yogurt, buttermilk or cheese.
I had only started to eat that bread for breakfast, just to help fill me up. My cholesterol is high, which meant I also had to give up what I was having for breakfast. I was not much of a bread or sweet eater before.
I am also in a double bind because some of the medication for my transplant raises both my sugar and cholesterol levels.

randell said...

look at us, they said i have a free boat ride to a new place, on a ship named jesus,on board you you get beans,yams, wheat mush no fish no meat, to a land where you can work for free all day ,no books no reading.all you get is one book which they say we can't read they will interpet for you. now you don't know how to eat you still are aboard that free ride ship,look at us.

randell said...

by the way i love you, like i read, if you come from plant eating peoples you still should stick to a low sugar diet, just like sugar destroys your teeth, it does not stop there,think about that,god wants us to thrive,hathor was a sun goddess when the pyramids were built. the great sphinx is her statue, look at it, it has a human head on a lion's body.love 4 ever

Hathor said...

Thanks for your concern Randell. I'll do the best I can.