May 26, 2008

Decoration Day

For many, an important part of the remembrance of our fallen soldiers is in the decorating of their graves. I have read several interesting stories this morning of citizens who have taken the task themselves.

Civil War vets honored anew
A warrior's dignity
Volunteers put flags in National Cemetary


A. said...

That graveyard reminds me so much of the war cemeteries you see all over France. When you see so many together and think that these were all young men who have lost their lives, it really hits you.

Emil said...

Yes, all those lives never lived!

jeanie oliver said...

thank you so much for coming over to my blogs and leaving comments. How are you feeling and how is the diabetes diet going? I have appreciated your post for Memorial Day.
Jeanie Oliver

Hathor said...

That picture is of a National cemetery, but I am not sure where. It was a Google image

To think that most died because of one man's ego.

jeanie oliver,
I looked again at your profile and found you had started blogging. I am trying to stick with the diet and kept records of my sugar levels, so I can review with the doctor soon. Not sure if I am doing well enough.

Emil said...

Ego, Hathor? Is that not the reason for most tragedies in this world gone slighty mad? For me it is even sadder that the survivors of war forget so easliy to defend the future by winning the longer war against intolerance, bigotry, zealotry and hatred which so brutally divides us against ourselves. In the end war gets glorified, and it is natural to look for "heroes".