November 05, 2008

The President Elect - Barack Hussein Obama


I had not been one of those who thought it would never happen in my lifetime, until recently when I entered the world of the net. Things said here and groups devoted to keep racism alive and well, abounded. I never underestimate the influence of such rhetoric and I didn't know how much it would influence an election. I didn't want Barack Obama to win because he was black, but I didn't want him to lose, because of it.

I don't have expectations that the world will instantly change or that Barack Obama will be able to govern extraordinarily, but I know that it will not be an ad hoc, seat of the pants, let see where that goes, presidency. Peoples liberties won't be abridged, the US will not become communist and terrorist will not be sleeping in Lincoln's Bedroom.

I don't have much more to say, but to say I am truly proud today.


A. said...

Congratulations! Obama gives me hope for great things. There is something very compelling about his personality, a leader.

Emil said...

Amen! And in a country where a civil war for fought on issues of "black and white" - simply astounding. Americans have every right to be proud today!

Anonymous said...


I don't expect that any of us need to fear change much. Mr Obama is far too serious and considering for too much of that.

But you make one point that stands out (and precisely where I appreciate the Senators' considering). No more of this government "by the seat of the pants."

And I think no more "flying blind."


Hathor said...

When Oprah said "He's the one." A leader, as I knew when I first heard him speak; not as some media and bloggers hysterically thought, a messianic figure.

I am hoping that folks will relax, especially black folks, who are holding their breath over Obama's every word. They are worried that any misspoken word or gaff will detract from Obama's presidency.

Unfortunately the issues of "black and white" still weigh heavily on us.