January 10, 2009

When I'm Sixty Four

It will be thirteen days.

When I'm Sixty-Four - with Lyrics

I will be 64 in a few weeks. I am amazed how fast I have gotten here in spite of the fact that many horrific years seemed to have moved so slowly. The Beatles song When I'm Sixty Four poses the questions of love, when time has changed us. When you are young, you might have thought the mind ages with the body. By the time I was forty I knew this was not true, becoming mature is not the same as aging. I still have the same intellect, curiosity, desires and needs as I did at 25. Unfortunately, the body does age and changes so much. Since I have not grown old with someone, I wonder if anyone can love, need and feed me.


Lynn Gazis-Sax said...

Happy upcoming birthday!

Hathor said...

Thank You.

Phil Marx said...

Well, judging by your photo, you could pass for half your age. Of course, it is only half a photo. :)

Happy B'day!

Hathor said...


The abscence of light is wonderful.