May 16, 2009

The New Race Hustlers

These are people who comment on black blogs, that change the subject to race, no matter the subject of the post. That subject on race must not discuss racism either, but must always speak of the problems of the black community as if they are the messengers sent by a higher power. They also see themselves as having the greater authority, than any one else. This is the case, when their only experience with the black community is the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. You can not tell them that you live in a neighborhood with other black people and it is stable, clean, quite and crime isn't entrenched. You can not tell them that there are single parents who have children who aren't thugs, go to school, well mannered and well behaved. Or that blacks don't commit a higher percentage of crimes, but they are not as likely to get probation as someone who is not black.

These new race hustlers are intent on everyone staying on target that blacks are some aberration of society. This is in the guise of wanting to be helpful and concerned. They will not acknowledge our humanity and become distraught if our lives move outside their prejudices. Black life can not be more than what they define it to be.


Emil said...

find this post distressing. Why is it necessary for people to act racist? Do they (I) feel threatened, angry or am they just ignorant and uninformed? Racism will end when individuals see others only in individual terms. There is significant moral in what John F Kennedy said: "There are no ‘white’ or ‘coloured’ signs on the graveyards of battle."

I wonder if we can change?

Racism refers to a belief system that a particular group of people is inherently superior to another, which in turn would then be inferior. The distinction between the separate groups is based on superficial factors such as skin colour, origin, culture, religion and behaviour. The superior group wants to be treated differently to the inferior group, and to rule over the latter. Racism is deeply rooted in historical, cultural, social and power concerns and almost always involves widespread oppression of people and the prevention of basic human rights and opportunities. To me these are beliefs of fundamentalists, making them no better than any other person who commits atrocities in the name of some belief system or another.

I guess, because of this entrenchment, we will not change! But we can hope!

ZIRGAR said...

You bring up a good point and it seems that these hustlers can't get past one's skin color to see the person or the people. It's sad and it's very damaging. On the one hand they can be dismissed as idiotic yahoos who aren't intellectually or existentially gifted enough to get past preconceptions or prejudgments, but on the other hand, they really can't be summarily dismissed since so many of them are in places of power and prestige, if you will. I think it's still a long road to travel, but I'm hopeful that we can finally get to a place where who one is is how people actually see someone instead of how they think they see someone. Heaven knows, it won't be easy when we've got so much outright bigotry and entrenched apathy to deal with, but we'll get there. Not soon enough for my liking, but we'll see :-)

Great blog!