August 12, 2009

Why is this?

It seems that even the mention of President Obama in any context evokes seizures and spastic utterings. These were the
White House Choices of the Medal of Freedom, as with any administration's.

I was surprised at the comments.


Anonymous said...

This says more about the readership of USA TODAY than about the recipients of the Medal of Freedom.


p.s. Where were these complainers when George W. Bush awarded the Medals of Freedom during his 8 years?

Hathor said...

I think in the past, whether you opposed the President or not, somethings were left to his prerogative. I think when the left challenged Bork's nomination, this set an awful precedence.

Emil said...

Many people's prejudice is very clear from the comments. I guess it is probably an age-old battle between Democrats and Republicans, "liberals" and "conservatives."

I am delighted to see Bishop Tutu there!

Hathor said...


That may be so, but haven't seen such public vitriol since the early days of desegregation, civil rights and war protest.

ZIRGAR said...

Face it, President Obama could cure cancer and his critics would accuse him of being arrogant and playing god. He's not going to get any credit for anything he does by anyone on the right, so we as his supporters need to just ignore those who oppose him, especially if they do so for idiotic reasons, and focus on making sure Mr. Obama does the things we elected him to do.

Do you remember Mr. Obama being criticized for his choice of mustard for his hamburger? If you don't know what I'm talking about hit me up and I'll send you a video from FOX News where Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity badmouthed Mr. Obama for wanting spicy mustard on his burger, and they even went so far as to question his manhood over his choice of condiments. Yes, you heard me right. It's that bad, and that sad. Unbelievable.