October 07, 2009

A few good men

In some places there are calls for discussions among groups to discuss how to stop the violence in the community. The latest calls have been sparked by the death of Derrion Albert. His death has even gotten the attention of the Obama administration. The Attorney General and the Education Secretary are in Chicago this week to meet with the Chicago's Mayor and officials to develop strategies to combat the violence.

There has to be a way that we can solve problems without commissions, round-tables or summits. I think by now studies, talk, statistics and research have covered all the causes and solutions. One big problem is implementation. I do not mean there has to be no organization, but I do think there should be direct confrontation with the young people who engage in violence by adults that are not law enforcement. However, these adults should not be easily intimidated. It would be advantageous if someone from the military would volunteer.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...


LOL! I like your topic. The reason I couldn't help laughing when you said military. My sistah it might come down to that but I hope not. If they would start arresting those at the very top who are infiltrating and smuggling in guns and drugs, it would put an end to a lot of our problems and offered more jobs.

So far, they've only concentrated on our youth, which needs to be done too, however, it is not going to solve the problem because another young person will take their place. The picture the "The Wire" had it down somewhat pat.

It's so heartbreaking and sad to see our young people killing each other. I live in a predominantly black community and on the same street that I've lived on for years, except for when I moved once to a predominantly white city. My family owns three of the houses on this block, one of which I live in. Although, my street is rather quiet and free from every thing else that goes on around here, I hear of violent instances all the time but not like it used to be. At one time, it was like a war zone out this way. However, now our city is quieting down and more and more people are coming out of their homes to get some fresh air.

StillaPanther2 said...

Sister Hathor....got your link from an Afro Blogger. Will continoe to drop in/read blog. I support your view. We- the last of the men of my generation- was told we could be arrested for interferring. I KNOW, the old rules still apply. As long as our children are on the end of the gun barrel, the status quo exist. Concur with Granny. There are no magic wands. We had two to hit the ground lat night. More T-shirts [sic]

no_slappz said...


I see both you and granny admit there is a huge violence problem in the black community, especially among young black males.

Here's a clue -- the violence is a result of illegitimacy, fatherlessness, low academic achievement, substance abuse and the widespread rejection of middle-class standards of living.

Anonymous said...

well, this article had some promise. But then Granny interjects the usual "always blame whitey" crap. Someone attributes the causation to black culture and parenting, but Hathor does not respond. Hathor, you need to respond to things :)

I'd add that Derrion was probably referred to as "house negro" a lot in his short life, and that his killers would have been proud to be called "field negroes".

Malcom X was naive enough to think that encouraging violence towards whites wouldn't end up in the current problem of violence toward all. Maybe you have studied him enough to know whether he recanted his views before he was murdered. "No justice, no peace" has come home to roost in spades.