May 03, 2010

Pet Peave

I have noticed lately that there seem to be a lot of ad campaigns against the mistreatment of pets. I began to wonder if people value animals more than children, since I have seen relative few ads to help abused children. Another ad came on this morning about abused pets and for some reason it irked me more that at other times. We know in this society what lies ahead for an abused child. Also we know that there may not be good outcome resulting from children who are homeless or go hungry or in very unstable situations. I do know that there are organizations designed to help children in need, but they don't seem to get the word out or have a celebrity pleading with you to help them.

Even though, I am not a pet person, I don't think animals should be mistreated, but I don't think animals should be put ahead of people. When I had expressed that to a co-worker, I was asked why couldn't we advocate for both. I feel that if humans worked on their own problems and eliminate our destructive nature toward other humans, we wouldn't have pet abuse or mistreatment of other animals. This is not to say that we should do nothing about the abuse of animals, it is just that I don't think it is where most of our charity should be placed.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I've noticed that too Hathor. People are crazy nowadays. They are doing all sorts of crazy things. I am total agreement with you.

Anonymous said...

So, if your cause (child advocacy) isn't sung to the heavens in a manner that you find satisfactory, they should do away with ALL OTHER causes that DO get their message out?

That's really, amazingly, egocentrically STUPID.

You sound like a teabagger.


Re-read your post and substitute "pets" with "equal rights for all" and "children" with "brown-skinned deportation" to get a glimmer of that which I speak.

But it's your blog - stupid it up as much as you want...

Hathor said...

I do not equate humans with other animals. If you do, why not equate humans with flora too.

Then what would you eat?

Anonymous said...

I've been bothered in the same way by those animal rescue begging ads that I've sometimes changed the channel to get away from them.
I believe people can sympathize with animals easier than children or adults that need help and I just don't understand why. I've even wondered why that if most communities have "animal shelters", why don't they spend the same amount or more money on rescueing the homeless and mentally unstable people who wander in America's cities. I'm old enough to remember when there were not so many people wandering homeless in our land and wonder how it all happened in the last approximate 45 to 50 years. I always give to Sal. Army every year and not just at Christmas but I have also adopted a cat from shelter. The best use of rescue pets I've seen was where they were given to prison inmates. It gave the inmates something to do and think about and of course it saved the animals life as well.