October 08, 2010

Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch...

When the President purposed that Green Jobs would put people back to work; I heard a lot of "Bah! Humbug." Now there is a chorus to create jobs. Mostly bitching about the Obama administration, even though a jobs bill has been signed to provide incentives to business to hire new employees.

More bitching, but if not Green Jobs, what. Ideology is not a business that can hire millions of people. It only has a few spots for pundits. Political theory is not a practical idea, there has to be something made or a service provided: something tangible that be bought and sold or even bartered.

I would like to hear of some idea for a workable solution to get people back to work, no diatribes on the free market or communism, just what will be the next industry that will produce jobs. Jobs that will stay in the United States.


ErzulieRedEyes said...

That's a tough question, one I've been pondering myself, It Is a REALLY bad economy.

I don't think anyone is really looking for a solution, Obama is rich and has power like other politicians. Its about power.

Middle-class and poor people are concerned, but noone cares.
Its sad and frustrating to see so many people suffer.

I know the only thing that makes me the angriest is the fact that an illegal with FORGED documents
(a felony) will get hired before a black person with great credentials and a clean record.

Its a double-slap to the face.

Outsourcing is another problem,
Its almost as though companies think that no one here in America needs work... when unemployment figures are blasted all over the news everyday!
I think the people in power are not blind, they know America is suffering, but those in power have a "plan" for this country.

ErzulieRedEyes said...

Sometimes people are caught with forged documents but most of the time employers let them by.

Obama I think, doesn't really care about blacks or the poor, he is trying to use illegal latinos to gain their vote and keep himself in office. THAT is more important to him than what a bunch of poor/middle class people think.


He is in power, so he has the luxury of not caring, he won't lose his job due to illegals and outsourcing.

Can only pray that things change for the better in the future.

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