February 10, 2007

My thoughts on The War: Not that it matters

Recently the intelligence community has reported on the situation and conditions as they saw it after 9/11. The latest we’ve found out was that links between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein were exaggerated. Some who were against the war now feel vindicated by the new reports. My question has been, even if these events were true, why would we go to war with Iraq?

My thoughts on WMD’s at the time; the Russians or the old Soviet satellites were a better source; Al Qaeda could get them intact. Perhaps a case of Vodka would be able to get enough radioactive material just for a dirty bomb. It didn’t matter if Al Qaeda had links to Iraq; 2002 we should have been after Osama bin Laden and his fellow henchmen. As I have said before we should have been looking for justice for the victims of September 11, 2001.

Fighting a Jihad has nothing to do with political philosophy; it has to do with killing to rid the earth of infidels. We infidels should only be concerned with killing the Jihadist. Before the Jihadist could get themselves together in Iraq, we didn’t have a terrorist enemy. The violation of UN Resolution 1441 could have been resolved by the UN. The US was already participating in the No Fly Zone and sanctions against Iraq. The US may not have liked what was going on in the UN, but at that time, it was not the issue.

I felt that the US should have left Afghanistan a sink hole, the mountains even into Pakistan should have been craters. This is where the war should have been, solely. The billions our government has spent in Iraq have created the Viet Nam scenario no one wanted. (There were very few that had been personally impacted by Viet Nam in the Bush administration. Chaney’s reference for Iraq’s reaction was WWII.) I believe the money would have been better spent as an incentive in finding Bin Laden. However, we are five years into this mess; I can’t agree with leaving this mess. I just wish I had sent my views to my congressmen, maybe personally picketed their house (I live close to two), and bombarded all the congress’ offices with emails. I expressed my views to a few, and hoped most of congress would see the light. Two few saw the light. I think fear had taken over; not of terrorism, but as being seen as a traitors. It’s too bad that to appear great, expressions of conscience are trashed to compel patriotism.

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