January 28, 2007

I can not speak

because of fear of repetition

wanting sex

wanting love

wanting power

wanting control

wanting money

because of fear of being a whiner






because of fear these things bring


Aishya said...

These words move me just as much as your earlier post did. I am living this almost every day, huh, I am so grateful to you for articulating my reality. My inability to speak doesn't quiet the din in my head however, and my frustrated relations with all of those "wants!" I hope you are well!

Hathor said...

I have wrote a little in this blog about some of those wants, but it has not been a catharsis. So this is where I am now. I am grateful that I have made a connection.
I am well, thank you.

A. said...

I really think this is a wonderful post. So few words but the message is so clear. It hits home.

Hathor said...

a. Thank You
Some times my thoughts don't come through.