January 07, 2007

Divorced or Single?

Lately I have been filling out forms as single. Once again, I was asked for a medical history, married, divorced, single? What does it matter now if I have been married? Does it imply some extra stress? Maybe in some epidemiological study, it provides another attribute; with some small significance. Was it use started, to imply that you were no longer a virgin? That certainly no longer has any relevance. I might understand if it is in regards to your child or a financial transaction, but it’s on all forms. I am now just answering single, because I am not married. Now that I think about it, why do people still call me Mrs. when they don’t know my status? Isn’t that what Ms. is for? It seems very necessary that a woman has to have had or has some attachment to a man. I wonder if I were to go into a gadget store and stand behind a strange man, would the salesperson call me Mrs. So 'n' So.


A. said...

I wonder why they ask that question of anyone, male or female. Does it imply some sort of stability if you are married?

I have a similar problem with questions which have to be dated. Where I live they no longer allow date of birth but there are so many other ways to work out your age - employment history, date of examinations and so on. I am sorely tempted to "lose" ten years or so to see what happens.

Hathor said...

I have managed to shave ten years off my resume, but that still may be too old. I guess to get close to an acceptable age I would have to give up much experience. I'm seriously thinking of doing this. Don't know how that would work either.