September 29, 2007


Slavery lasted longer than the colonist would tolerate the Government of King George and revolted, yet we have an apologist for slavery in America, Micheal Medved. Read his Townhall column. I have to thank the field negro for keeping us informed. Item is in his sidebar so its not linkable.

As a person whose ancestors were slaves; I say even if it this was the practice of millennia does not make it morally right. To deny liberty of a human and to own their person, it is wrong. It is not dependent on how the slave was treated, the amount of movement allowed, the price of a slave or the intent of the master.

I am not moved by the fact that if I was still African that my life would be in chaos. I do not think slavery has brought the black out of darkness in America and I have expressed this before
here and here.

I just want to scream every time I read or hear this rhetoric!

Make me wanna holler
They way they do my life.

The Inner City Blues, Marvin Gaye

Update: the field negro has posted about the article, What's a little slavery among friends?

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field negro said...

Thanks for keeping this out there yourself. At least I know I am not alone.