September 12, 2006


We all like to reinvent our history. We embellish, omit, and tell little lies to put forward our image. Our face to the world, which we think people will like. We also like to think better of ourselves and sometimes we begin to believe our revised history. Sometimes no harm is done and sometimes events from the past can destroy our face. If over time, those witnesses of those events disappear; then we will never lose our face. We will be safe, our image intact. The world will always like our face.

We are being told now that only the African is responsible for his brother’s slavery in the Americas. Our brother initiated the trade, with the help of his neighbor, the Arab. We should be grateful that we were brought to America; because we have benefited from being a slave in America, than if we had stayed with our brother. With a little embellishment, omission and little lies; our African face is being lost to the world.

For all things, thanks and praises must be given to thee, the European; and for our salvation of three centuries of slavery, Western Ideals.

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