September 03, 2006

Summer Love

Luscious green, moist leaves
Almost sticky to the touch
Smoky, humid sky

Her looking at him
Orange sunrise and shirt brushes
His body, her soul

Hot, hot, hot, cool sheets
Cotton, lightly starched and ironed
Ignites the senses

Lightning’s musky smell
Honeysuckle and grass
Meld into their scent

Like rain, sweat falling
moisture forms vacuum, bonds skin
Implodes, like thunder

Walk into midnight
Silver shadow glows softly
On transparent web

Dog days take our breath
Burn our feet, our eyes, our lips
Our escape, pine woods

The rhythm of love
Summer’s song haunting lyric
Sways, weaves through your mind

Shorter days, it’s done
Sunset shrouds the horizon
Spinning swirling leaves

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