September 21, 2006


In the sixties where every assumption was questioned, friends and I would discuss the morality of suicide and the conditions where this act would be morally right. At that time being a young person and lived often in angst, I felt that if you felt there was no purpose to living was reason enough to kill your self. My belief has somewhat changed, but I accept that there are some conditions suicide can be justified; like terminal illness or this case I read about. In India an elderly woman of 90 jumped into her husband’s funeral pyre. This is now an outlawed Hindu tradition called Sati. At one time it was expected that a wife follow her husband in death. I feel if there is a coercive element in this story, then her doing this would be wrong. At ninety I think you understand when your time in this world need not go on. When perhaps the last friend, your husband, has left and what promise is there for the future. You have given all to your children and there is not anything more that you feel you can contribute to your community, why wouldn’t suicide be an option for you?

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