November 13, 2007

The Drum in our Song

I had said this in an off topic conversation at The Assault On Black Folk's Sanity within the comments of Who's Classified? in reference to losing African values in our culture.

This is not exactly a value, but an identity, the drum in our song. I am not religious, but the sounds of the work song, spiritual and early gospel, triggers a transcendental experience when I hear the music. Those sound are disappearing. That was like a memory of earth, Africa, going.
I supposed that it could be argued that what I hear had not disappeared or is not truly African, but I want to share this music. Here are two gospel songs and a spiritual as examples. I wish they were better recordings. The last one my father's glee club use to sing often in concert. Unfortunately my father badly tangled the tape of the Harry T. Burleigh Glee Club in concert, after he had a stroke. Soon I Will Be Done With The Troubles Of The World a special memory.