November 04, 2007

The Problem

Scientist want "the problem." Its what they look at and write there observations to determine how it works, the process or mechanism. This leads to a solution. The engineer looks at the solution and determines how it can be applied. For science and technology to progress there must be a problem. Someone has to have an interest. If our political sensibilities deny problems and create the climate where problems are denied and education doesn't stress solving problems, then when crisis strike our society we will not have any resources to rely on. There is no such thing as instant discovery or miracle in science.

Those who think that global warning doesn't exist or that humans don't contribute to it, would want to create a world where "the problem" is denied. No need for any solutions to be found. It is bad science; our science says do nothing. Fortunately because there are those that do see "the problem;" innovations in building houses, using solar energy, new fuels for automobiles, and building energy efficient industries are continuing. Whether global warming becomes dangerous or not, the benefit of solving "the problem" are enormous. At some point in the future, the need for such innovation will be seen; when we run out of fossil fuels or we will not have access, due to some world crisis.

I wrote this post, because this morning I saw an interesting segment on CBS Sunday Morning about a contest on Building a Better Solar-Powered Home. These houses are becoming more feasible to build and cost could be brought in line with today's market. One solution is already in place to solve one problem.

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