March 08, 2008

Discombobulated American patriots.

Check out this Lil Sambo site.

My blog may not be blocked yet.

Update: I was informed by blogger that her blog had problems during the extreme weather in her area and this was the reason that her blog was inaccessible from other links.


Zee said...

You think far more of yourself than you ought to. Why bother to "block" a blog that I never bothered to check out, unless, for some misguided reason you thought your comments were so compelling that I had to come over to read more. I think not.

Black Sambo? Am I supposed to be insulted? Sorry, I think it was a decent place to get breakfast back in the day. What, did they "oppress" you too? Gee, must suck to find an oppressor under every rock. You really need to try a little harder to move off the plantation. If you haven't noticed, it was shut down quite awhile ago...

Get over yourself - no one cares. Really.

Hathor said...

YES! I think a lot of myself. You know some person years ago said I acted like I was born equal to anybody; like I was to be less than a man or less than any other person.

No you are not to be insulted, but outed as the author of that post.