June 16, 2008

Another Question

How can AP sue a blogger for using quotes or excerpts, if the blogger properly cites the article? In this article apparently AP wants bloggers to pay for the use. How is my use in a post any different if I had cited their article in an essay or research paper and used their article from the newspaper, either real or on microfiche?



Lynn Gazis-Sax said...

I've seen where some people quote large enough sections of news articles to be really pushing it on "fair use," but it sounds as if they're objecting to even a link and quote of the first paragraph, which I'd think ought to be easily fair use.



Emil said...

Silly. Commentators commentate - and will qoute.

jeanie oliver said...

interesting news item. I will have to do more reading about it. It seems to me like you would have to shut down the web!
Squash-you must be up "north". Here in Arkansas I am behind all of my neighbors as they have squash by the basket now. I'm still just getting one or two at a time.
Blog title-did you mean the
"O'z Ark"? It's my take on learning to identify every plant and animal in my yard so I can name them for my grandchildren(first on is due Dec. 25)Since I live in the Ozarks and my last name begins with O.....well, anyway, somewhat corny but I was feeling that way that day!
Cooking with bacon fat-I yearn for the day they find ice on Mars, get me cell phone coverage in all of my yard, and create a pig that flavors everything with no future harm to heart, etc.!!! Since the ice thing is looking positive, maybe the others are just around the corner.
thanks for reading my blog and commenting.
Jeanie Oliver

Hathor said...

lynn gazis-sax,

The law they are using to sue, doesn't seem to define fair use, only consequences of infringement. I only read a summary and may have missed something in reading. So I guess fair use would be defined by the links you provided. I am still a little puzzled how the DMCA regards links.

I probably will not even think about it, the next time I quote an AP article. Most times my source has been some newspaper rather than AP directly.

jeanie oliver,
Yes, I live up north and it is the blog title.

And no pig substitutes, like genetically engineered chicken to taste just like pig:)