June 04, 2008

Congratulations, Senator Obama

The historic moment will be when I hear Four Ruffles and Flourishes before your introduction.


Emil said...

A miracle indeed, and one I hope to see happen!!!

Rethabile said...

Yeah, congrats to the Senator. A ticket with Senator Clinton on board as VP seems more than likely (from across the Atlantic where I am).

Is that something that is desirable to most Dems?

Hathor said...


Many don't think that is a good idea including myself. The supporters of each haven't reconciled as of yet. I really don't think Hillary Clinton wants it either. It would stifle the possibility of her running again in 2012, especially if Obama loses the 2008 election.

I think the party may want someone who is more to the center to be VP.

Emil said...

Yes, I agree. It might be too much at once for many Americans. But that she can add value to the campaign and the future cabinet goes without saying.