July 08, 2008

Beware! Black and White World

The fear that collectivist will create the next Nazi like regime exist.
Creates fear in this persons mind, that it will be the individualist who actually does this.

In defense of liberty, their idealism so perfect, that imperfection can not be.
They will demand that I see.
O me, an imperfect being, a person oppressed.
My liberty suppressed.


A. said...

"their idealism so perfect, that imperfection can not be"

Very thought provoking.

Emil said...

Choose the middle.

Hathor said...

I am hoping that my post are not becoming repetitive, but that line you quoted, has so often been the mantra in politics recently.

Thank you!

I think that's best.

jeanie oliver said...

HI there,
I see on one of your posts that you have the room in Independence Hall where the "guys" argued freedoms and such. I was there with my oldest son last week. Made me think and question the whole process.
The plane on my blog did actually have 4 seats but they were the smallest that I've ever sat in on a plane. You had to sit at a slant!
thanks for reading my blogs,