September 06, 2009

We should have burned down this sucka in 1968.

Calmer voices eventually prevailed.

I'm at my last nerve. I feel as I did then. There has been a line crossed, the consequences are unknown.

Glen Beck and his forces have successfully destroyed one of President Obama's advisers, because the Color of Change was waging a successful campaign to boycott Beck advertisers. What is unusual, that person had not been affiliated with the group for two years, but no matter, any proxy for Obama is good enough. In their minds it doubly justifies their righteousness, since Obama's intention is to poison the minds of children. I guess it is not right for Black folk to boycott like the folks who boycotted Whole Foods. The response to that, was to create a buycott; not destroy the organizer life. You know different standards for different folks.

This concerted effort to portray Obama as a stealth agent of Al Queada , Lenin and Trotsky, Hitler and Goering, and Chairman Mau and giving credence to every nut case and encouraging them to "take back the country" is making me believe that passive resistance and civil discourse will not be a solution next time.

I am at my last nerve.
I am close to lighting a match.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...


I liked your post better. Girl, I'm feeling ya all the way.

Hathor said...

Thanks, but I think I been a tad bit more incendiary than you:)

I hope the Color of Change keeps the pressure on.

D W JazzLover said...

Amazing good job, Just found you but I like what you are saying...

Hathor said...

D W Jazzlover,

Thanks! Hope you'll like more.

Anonymous said...

and now that Obama's press officer Dunn has been admiringly quoting Mao, does that affect your knee-jerk black-racist defense of anything and everything Obama?

Anonymous said...

and of course you can see why whites are increasingly fearful of being around blacks: you people sure do resort to violence at the drop of a hat (let's include arson as a form of violence).

Are you aware that the concept of being civilized involves suppressing violent impulses? Are you one of those who are surprised at how violent your offspring generations have become? Don't you see a cultural (and perhaps family) causation?

Anyway, I decide to make a few posts here because you seem to be one of the smarter racists who post at black-racist Wayne Bennett's 'field negro" blog.