November 21, 2009


Salto de Sete Quedas - Brasil
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Oft times I live my life in daydreams, which I learned never come true, but somehow they make me happy during the moments I create them.

I fell in love at first sight. True. I am not sure I will ever see him again. True.

During our first encounter I told him I had wanted to see the largest waterfalls of the world during my retirement. During that conversation he told me of a waterfall in South America, which he thought was a most beautiful place. I thought then if our relationship developed, perhaps I could ask him to take me there. I don't remember where, only the visualization of the place. All true.

I have not been able to do very much this past month, so I am left to the internet and the roaming of my mind. True.

He comes to be my lover, we laze around, get our houses together, and travel locally a bit. Finally I ask, can we visit that water fall. He a bit reluctant, but says will we do it.

We are at this waterfall. Its awesome, quite different than Niagara. Our vantage point is high as I imagine with the waterfall somewhat lower elevation parting a very wide gorge through the mountain. Its devoid of the rushing voices of tourist, only the thunder of the falls. As we watch and listen to the falls I feel so joyous that tears come to my eyes. He holding me close, I don't hear the words, but see the ring. I want this. Say yes.

First conversation, made it very clear he had no intention of ever getting married again. True.

I want to get married at this place. we find a way to hook us up to a webcast so friends and family could be present. Then upload to YouTube later for those that missed it. He finds some old acquaintances to be witnesses.

He has a suit and shirt, no tie. He looks fabulous. He cuts quite a figure, still has a tight body. Me? I have little hair, totally gray now, covered with a flower garland and a gauze like shapeless summer dress. I'm wondering, if I'm too old for the dress.

The wedding vows take place at sunset, with our silhouette in the camera. then as we kiss, a song sung in the native language of love, only the female voice. A haunting sound again the backdrop of the falls. We then turn to the camera an tell every one we will visit soon, then good bye. I can't stop smiling.

The day dream not long enough. My retelling may seem trite, but it is a way for me to replay the dream and momentarily have hope. I've been in so much pain the last few weeks. He tells me he is on the road working, that he thinks of me and is looking forward for some time together; that is when he writes. True.

The only true thing that I know is that I fell in love at first sight.


A. said...

I'm a great one for daydreams. Who knows, they may come true, and even if they don't, you've spent some time with pleasant thoughts. I think you've described the dream very well, and the drifting in and out of reality. Get well soon.

Hathor said...

I am getting better, thank you.

Lynn Gazis-Sax said...

Beautifully written. I know the feeling.

ZIRGAR said...

Great wriing. Imagination and truth blend into one for the reader when the writing is this good :-)

I hope you're doing better.

Hathor said...

I appreciate the compliments on my writing. It seems to myself to never be adequate, but I do think I'm not as anxious as I use to be when I write. I thank the blog for that.

c.c.-kathy said...

Hathor, I almost feel like I intruded on your dream, I love your dream, I know that same dream.

Hathor said...


No intrusion, thanks for visiting. Hope your dream came true.

Ana said...

I love how you write. I walked along right with you in your story.
I was able to see the beautiful "Cataras del Iguazu " that you wrote about.

Yes, I believe the Iguazu is the mightiest and most beautiful of all God's earthly waterfalls.

I have never seen the Iguazu , but I long to.
I actually fall in love iwth bodies of water.
My favorite river is in Panama where I was born; it is the Gatun River.
As much as I visit home often,I always yearn to return there to see and commune with this lovely and majestic river- El Rio Gatún.

Stay well, I will pray for you.

And Happy New Year.


Hathor said...

Happy New Year!

I have only seen one waterfall, but I love the sound of it and that of the ocean too.