November 25, 2009

What to do

When I was a preteen I wanted to be a test pilot. I got my first pair of glasses at 12. Pilot dream died and the next best thing was to be Nuclear Physicist. Going to a piss poor high school ended that dream in my freshman year. I did take music lessons all through school, learn to play piano, sax and oboe. Tried out for college orchestra, not good enough. Thought I could get a cush job in the Army when they had tryouts for the WAC band, too bad, three days before they remove a wisdom tooth and I couldn't blow a note. No second chances in the military. Such as my life as been all failed dreams, my last, getting a degree and it not counting for anything; no new job or promotion. People are always comfortable with the way you were.

So now I am retired, the media says it time for me to reinvent myself. The question is how. I am not one who is fortunate to say 60 is the new 40. My body rebels against that. I'm alive without dialysis, but being a kidney transplant patient is still not without its problems. It also takes resources, which I have little for the first year and with utility cost doubling almost every year, inflation and my drug cost; additional income will get sucked up.

Volunteer? No! I given too much out of duty, not for emotional reward. I get nothing out of it. I was intrigued for a while and thought I might enter into a teaching program. My application was accepted, but I bailed out, because it was really designed for young teachers. I would have had to complete a masters in three years while teaching, full time. Too much work to be retired.

I can't stare at the wall, but what to do?


Anonymous said...


Hang in there. I'm about your age and was lucky enough to retire a little earlier than you.

I waited at least five years before I finally volunteered at a local library after thinking about it at least three years. Call it either procastination or planning, either one, it worked for me.
You too will find something that will take you out of your home and something that will nourish your soul. Volunteering has to be the right fit for each person.

Also it doesn't hurt to plan some travel even if it is to nearby places that you have always wanted to see. If you are anywhere close to Philly, try the new Constitution Museum, you won't be disappointed.

Aloha from Makaii

Hathor said...


Is this a name or a salutation?
I do plan to do some local traveling, but been looking at my expenses and I will have to work part time next year. I want to wait another year before SS, because money is significant enough to pay for my out of pocket medical.
So I really have another year to think about what to do.

Anonymous said...

The name Makaii was chosen years ago when I needed an unusual name for my email address.
In Hawaiian, the word makai is translated as "toward the ocean" and since I needed a six letter word I simply added the letter "i"
I've used it as my anony. name ever since.

One always has to make their retirement plans carefully because the rules don't always fit the individual but SS is usually fair.

You're always welcome to visit Maui, it is unique in that we have a National Park which is a crater.

Aloha from Makaii

D W JazzLover said...

Life has a way of opening up things to do! Hang in there.