October 18, 2006

Someday! Though I hope it's not too near.

I can’t see myself in a self imposed world of old people, but I will have to make a choice whether to live in an assisted living or by myself in a few years. I’m thinking that how disadvantageous to live in our isolated society, to be on ones own. If you are not out and about would any one notice if you are no longer there or if you need help? Would any one just drop by? When my mind goes will I notice? I had a hard time taking care of my medical problem in middle age when I was sick. I literally could not speak. If it weren’t for my sister, the complications of my transplant would have been more difficult, because I could not explain. How would I be able to take care of business and medical issues, argue with the providers and know what’s going on with my health care? Would I remember to take my daily medication? It’s possible that there will not be any family close that could help day to day. I may be fortunate to stay healthy with a sharp mind until I die and be able to continue to live by myself; but if I have to, I would prefer that there would be better alternative communities with people of all ages. A place where I might have a six year old for a friend; just like there were adults that I would chat with when I was that age. There were boundaries between the child and adult, but I still considered them my friends. It is not that I mind being with people my age, when I am much older. I wouldn’t want it to be my world. It would be easy to forget there are new ideas in the world, become too involved with health, and become suspicious and resentful of younger people.

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