October 07, 2006

When did the world lose it goddesses?

I had never thought before that my talent for using hand tools was ever gender related, until I had my first tech job. An engineer with surprise; remarked that I was much better at using tools than my predecessor, and that I must have been “born with a pair of dykes [diagonal cutters] in my hand.” My predecessor was male. So I guess using tools was supposed to come with the Y chromosome. Since I have worked mostly in a previously traditional male job, I find other things that were thought to be on the Y chromosome. Over time I have wondered why did anyone think this, how did this come about?

Somehow way back when; while we were engaged in agriculture, we lost the goddess. The goddess was all powerful in the matters of the fertility of woman and the earth. I don’t think it ended with any agricultural invention, because at the time women were more engaged in growing crop than men. Any innovation would have probably been their invention. I do think the division of labor was the responsible, but not because the men were doing the heavy lifting. I think they had more time on their hands, because herding, hunting, being potters and making mentally enhancing drugs is not mind consuming. They had time to philosophize and come up with a way to make themselves important. It was in the interest of male vanity to dismiss the goddess and make god in the male image. More powerful, so that he would rule over the goddess and finally the goddess would disappear.

The talents that had been associated with the male were assumed to be only male. No one ever looked at what the women were doing. Women gained physical strength with out becoming big. Look at women who still carry most of their belongings on their heads. Taking care of crops, cooking and taking care of their husband and children required organizational and social skills. It would seem like corporations would value this most. Also some technical skills, they had to devise ways to do cooking, weeding and other task. The men may have made the pots or the tillers, but I would suspect that it was done to the woman’s specs.

The thing is; I can’t understand how women let this happen? Were we too busy multitasking to care very much and over time it became easier to believe in the other myths? I want to find the goddess. I think a good beginning would be for the next presidential race to run, Senator Clinton and Dr. Rice. If is not them; any two women of that stature. I am tired of the idols, cowboys, bubbas and pretenders. It is necessary for our culture to revive the feminine.

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