June 02, 2007

How Come?

  • How come Ayaan Hirsi Ali was not noticed until after the Iraq War was going bad?
  • How come Female Genital Mutilation became a white conservative male issue after 9/11 and they became a feminist voice for all Muslim women?
  • How come Rap becomes a viable medium when Muslims use it to criticize Islam?
  • How come the right was quick to note Africans enslave other Africans in the 16th century, but was very slow to see slavery in the 20th and 21th century until it was attached to Islam?


A. said...

It really, really bothers me the way that people are so quick and *eager* to see Islam in the worst possible light.

The one subject I know a little about, female genital mutilation, is almost invariably associated (in people's minds) with Islam, and yet it only takes a small amount of research to discover that FGM predates Christianity, which itself predates Islam by centuries. Not only that, but FGM is practised by some Jews and Christians, and there are Muslim countries such as Turkey, India and Iran where it is not practised.

So when I hear supposedly educated people coming out with that sort of rubbish, I discount most of anything they say. Sorry if I'm ranting but I get Google alerts for FGM and most of them are just finding excuses to slate Islam.

Hathor said...

I think nothing is said that does not have an agenda, whether it is theirs or not. It is to prove the enemy a savage in order to fight him. Most don't stand on any principle for fighting the Iraq war, so fear is created. This is how the terrorist will make us live if we don't stop them there. I don't why people buy this, because America has many more resources to crush the terrorist and I couldn't see them changing our way of life for theirs.