June 16, 2007

Once Again

I am being call to substitute for someone, while they are at a conference. While I was trying to get an update on the progress he had made before he left; I was finding myself walking on a fine line. Apparently he had thought I was trying to take over this project from him. I am thinking how did this happen, his boss had more than leaned on me to finish, since he was not going to here. Once again, I found myself trying to be tactful so as to not to appear to be stepping on his ego. I am so sick of this crap, working with men. Women don't have any valid ideas, until they see it as something they've learned. When my boss has requested that we do this project years ago, it was ignored. Her interest were not important enough. Now they have seen the light and I have to walk on tippy toes to even help. I try not to agonize, because unfortunately I am going to have to work with them for a few more years; however, most times I am trying to resist screaming "You all are a bunch of assholes!"


mark said...

Hathor that is a touchy situation I know you make the best of it. Sorry that the guys on your job are sexist.

Hathor said...

I just had to rant. After 17 years it gets tiresome.

They say "Living well is the best revenge," but as Seinfeld's George Costanza said, "That's not gonna happen."

mark said...

Its your blog rant and do whatever you want. My most viseral rants are against religion and I refused to stop until the black christians and church do right.