June 28, 2007

Standing on the High Ground

If you ever wondered what happened to all that money donated to Katrina and the government support read View of New Orleans steps in Urban Removal by Bill Quigley. This may not be the absolute truth, but it is a conceivable scenario. This step may give one an understanding of today’s Supreme Court Decision of PARENTS INVOLVED IN COMMUNITY SCHOOLS v. SEATTLE SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 1 et al.

Step Thirty Two. Refuse to talk about or look seriously at race. Condemn anyone who dares to challenge the racism of what is going on—accuse them of “playing the race card” or say they are paranoid. Criticize people who challenge the exclusion of African Americans as people who “just want to go back to the bad old days.” Repeat the message that you want something better for everyone. Use African American spokespersons where possible.

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