July 04, 2007

Independence Day

I like the fireworks and the parades. I look forward to hearing The Declaration of Independence read. I am an American and feel I am nothing else. There is ambivalence in this feeling, an unease; that I am a not yet a full citizen and regarded as such. I listened to the words when I was younger and knew someday I would be a full citizen.

We have served in the military in every war, believing in the promise of America and to show our fidelity. Serving at times with hopes that would bring us toward equality. Today


We want to be part of this new country, to experience freedom and to exercise a right to determine our destiny and representation; yet there are still many who see us as apart. They see us as not capable of having values to understand liberty and to be an American.

Sometimes I feel like this child.

Whose flag is it?

An enraged law enforcement officer wrestles an American flag out of the hands of a 5 year-old boy. Jackson, MS.


Radiant Times said...

Thank you for linking my page to your blog. It is a disgrace that some "see us as not capable of having values to understand liberty and to be an American" as you mentioned in your posting. Being an American is so much more than skin color or country of origin. My mother is a naturalized citizen, and, like so many others, has committed herself to the ideals and values that are America. That is what binds us at the core. Not that we were lucky enough to be born here or to American parents, but that we commit ourselves to what America is and what she stands for in this crazy world.

I love to go back and read the Declaration of Independence - in fact, my husband and I did that today. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are so precious and so neglected!

Happy Independence Day, my friend.


Hathor said...

radiant times,
Thank you for visiting and your comment. It's seem to get more play, when one is more divisive. I hope in the long run it plays out.