July 14, 2007

Snake Oil from China

When I saw this article Beijing suspends US meat imports, I knew this was retaliation for the US and other countries scrutiny of China's imports. They have gotten religion and proclaiming they are going to change the current situation of food, drug safety and ensure that manufacturers don't cut corners; now that they have gotten caught. There have been sufficient number of deaths in and outside China to have warranted much earlier investigations and revisions in their safety policies and procedures. The prosecution for bribery and execution of Zheng Xiaoyu of China's Food and Drug Administration seems like reactionary scapegoating. I hope that the US is not fooled by this. Even if the efforts that China is making now are real; they still do not address counterfeiting. The counterfeit drugs are not drugs that were not tested properly, they are intentionally made without any consideration of safety or efficacy. Counterfeiters make the real money, much more than the $850,000 Xiaoyu was supposed to have taken.

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