January 12, 2008

The New Red Scare

Equating living in America as living in Soviet Russia, is really delusional. It irritates me when anytime a socialist policy is discussed, it is equated with totalitarianism; calling advocates pinko's and communist. I was reading a news article about California's Governor Schwarzenegger and his recent health care plan. It is being described as such.

So perhaps it's unwise to introduce a new government entitlement that costs north of $14.4 billion a year. But then, you have to understand the Kremlinology of liberal health-care reform: This effort has as much to do with politics as public policy.
A WSJ article; link may not last.
Kremlinology describing this governmental health care plan. The plan may not be a viable plan, but it hardly compares to the Kremlin. Its the Red Scare all over again, if you are not with us, you are a communist. Since this country began there has been a debate about what government should do, but never has a liberal point of view or some socialist policy been so vilified as now. It is now a way to make a person who thinks a policy might work, but isn't an ideologue, feel like a traitor. Its feels like McCarthyism has morphed into the conservative opposition.

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Lynn Gazis-Sax said...

Sweet. Moderate Republican Schwarzenegger is now a Commie.