January 28, 2008

The Personals

Single woman looking for single man over 50; who will not talk about how fit they are, how they save a buck, how they look younger, their astrological sign, how great they are at sex, kissing or snuggling, or talk about the audacity of other women not wanting to be their surrogate spouse or their porn queen.


Lynn Gazis-Sax said...

Well, my husband almost fits that descriptiong - except for being a couple of weeks short of 50, and, more important, missing that critical "single" attribute.

Boasting of skill at sex is generally a really bad sign, in my experience.

Libertine said...

Do people actually ever find suitable mates through the personals? I've never used them, myself.

Stovepipe said...

Hmmm, Hathor needs a 'FB'; fornicating buddy.

Fornicate with the one you are with, until you can fornicate with the one you want/need.

Hathor said...

lynn gazis-sax,
Probably some of those men are also missing that "critical "single" attribute."

I know of one person's parent that met their spouse that way.

I probably will never know if it would be suitable, because I'm not under 50, athletic, thin or a "girl."

Phil Marx said...

I don't need to brag about how I saved a buck. My cheepness speaks for itself!

Hathor said...

paul marx,
Actions are better than words.

A cheap date is okay, as long as you don't remind me.

Lola Gets said...

Hey, if you find one over 50, could you ask him if he has any relatives or friends under 45? Id like a man too!

Hathor said...

Do the same for me.