February 04, 2008

When you live your life under surveillance.

When do you feel that you have been violated? A few days ago, I was talking about being told that my bag and coat had to be searched, in order for me to enter a movie theater. Being searched is dependent on which theater you go to. It can be the same chain. Any way, when I was approached, I wanted to say that you can't search me, because I have rights; but I am not sure what rights I have in a privately owned theater. I know they can't force me, but they can put me out. I decide to ask for my money back and leave.

Thinking more about this. There would have been a level when it didn't bother me, if the reason had been for security and not food. Yes it would! I would prefer a metal detector. There had been a recent shooting inside the theater.

I want to know if they would stop searching customers if more people walked or boycotted the theater. Then I was reminded that in this neighborhood at some stores you have to be buzzed in and out, check your bags with a guard or someone, are followed without being ask if you need help, must have a government issued ID to be allowed to use a credit or debit card, are captured by cameras all over the store (you suspect in the dressing room) and if in a high crime district, cameras on the street when you leave. Since this is a part of your life, you don't get upset about the guard searching your bag or clothes. Life goes on.

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Lola Gets said...

Im sorry, but I live in Washington DC, where we have movie theaters near important sites like various Metro stations and Capitol Hill, and I have NEVER had anything of mine, or my person, searched in order to enter a movie theater! I am sorry that that happened to you. That, to me, is unreasonable.