February 08, 2008

Mile Kidney Stones

The number of visitors has exceeded 10,000 visitors today. The majority of of those visitors having linked from this image of these polycystic kidneys. I didn't post the image, because you might want to choose whether to see. The image is rather gruesome. The person those kidneys belonged to is related to another blogger, whose blog I believe is dormant. In the past month I would say over 90% of the visitors have link to me from this image. I think interest might be due to a story about kidneys being stolen for transplant or Cojo's interview with Dr. Phil about his transplant experience. Cojo has Polycystic Kidney Disease, as do I. I had placed the link in my post Vanity and last year I had my native kidneys removed. I still have the disease, because its effects can affect other organs and your vascular system.

If this post causes more traffic, I hope that the visitors will follow the links and especially this one.

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