February 16, 2008


United States and Mexico, 1839
Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division.
[Call number: G3700 1839 .B81 RR 6]
When I worked in the Records Department, I had to research property descriptions. Sometime I would find properties that lie in two counties. It is not uncommon for properties to lie in two states. I am sure most people have heard of towns divided by a state line, so why did the U. S. Government not expect to find resistance to where they want to build the Border fence, since there are properties that lie in two countries.

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Phil Marx said...

This is proof of Mexico's historically agressive attempts to counter our Manifest Destiny. Why did they even claim those lands to begin with, when they knew that we wanted them so badly? I say the mere fact that they were there first (this map being proof) is evidence that they were the ones provoking trouble.

Seriously though, geat picture. I love looking at old maps.