February 21, 2008

I'm tired!

For me and millions of other Americans, when we are said to play the victims or have a victim mentality, I will say that in some ways that is right. We have lived under a system where we were victims, without liberty and citizenship. However we did not live our lives as victims, within our isolated society. Outside we lived within a system of rules, Jim Crow. In some cases violating these rules could mean lost of livelihood or even life itself. Today, some would say that was insignificant; that was then and this is now. Since, we and the ones that made the rules are still living now and have raised several generations; how can the past not effect the present society.

I'm tired of being told I know nothing of freedom, liberty or citizenship. Unless you have immigrated from a totalitarian regime, we can certainly say we know more about living without liberty than you. It is not a philosophical premise, it is a fact.

I'm tired of hearing the way I should be. I damn well can be resentful of not having the same opportunities. Something as simple as watching figure skating on TV, as a little girl and wanting to learn how to Ice Skate. I think that is why Christianity was shoved down our throat, always wanting us to take a Christian path. We are not supposed to be angry and be forever forgiving.

I'm tired of being told who are my leaders. Questioned why I don't make certain choices. They know what's right for us. Don't they know that what they want us to do has become another set of rules.

If we become all that they want, we will be as we were before. I am certainly tired of Jim Crow.

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