January 01, 2008

Old age is a bitch?

If Hillary Clinton looked like this,

would you have this used for this?

Maureen Dowd's take on this.


Libertine said...

I read something similar recently on Alternet. I think Hillary's appearance is entirely moot to the job she aspires to. It's not as if she's applying to be a Playboy bunny, fer chrissake.

And there's nothing wrong with her appearance to begin with. I think she looks great for sixty; she could pass for forty-five.

Hathor said...

I agree, but I do get upset when the conservative opposition uses all the unflattering photos they can find. Some people are influenced by age and expect a prim, proper, well coiffed, perfect makeup and certainly no frowns from women. Think Elizabeth Dole's candidacy, you would have thought see was running for Miss Congeniality in Miss America.

Libertine said...

I also remember the drubbing that poor Janet Reno took for her appearance during the Clinton administration.

Granted, she wasn't the most attractive woman on the planet, but she was perfect normal looking; she wasn't hideous.

And even if she'd had been, so what? Who ever said that having important careers was reserved solely for the beautiful?

Ana said...

European influenced societies are just too vain and narcissistic. They spend too much blasted time talking about how people look.What is wrong with Mrs. Clinton's appearance ? Not a darn thing is wrong with her appearance.Just imagine all of the gray haired old men in high positions. If nothing is wrong with them,then certainly nothing is also wrong with middle aged women's appearance.