August 16, 2008

Space Travel, a thought

Credit: Brad Ehrhorn & Adam Block, NOAO, AURA, NSF

While I was watching the preparation and launch of the last Martian Lander Phoenix; I began to think of a spacecraft powered by a CERN accelerator. CERN had been in the news lately because it was ready to come online, and some scientists think the experiments will be unsafe. It is suppose to create new particles and perhaps mini black holes. I was thinking if the could create mini black hole perhaps it might manipulate gravity such that it could use the effects of gravity to propel matter with high mass. Create a bubble of anti-gravity around an object that could of bounce off earth’s gravity. Like when you push magnet together of opposite poles and let go, they fly apart; I should say repelled. The problem would be to get a portable accelerator and figure how to power it. I am sure that we can figure how to create the anti-gravity, by finding particles with this property.

You see I imagined the space ship and the sound as if I had seen it in the future.

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